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You may get a quicker response, outside of school holidays, by taking a look at our ‘FAQ’s…

I’d like to know about activity availability

    • We only operate in the school holidays and on weekends between April and October
    • All our availability is listed on the ‘availability page’ – if it’s not listed then there is no availability
    • If you are a group of over six looking to book a private session then will only be able to help at weekends – message us with dates and requests.
    • We are only running watersports for the foreseeable future.
    • We have extended all gift vouchers indefinitely because of COVID but we will NOT be able to offer refunds in cash if available dates do not suit. The only refunds offered will be where vouchers were specifically purchased for land sports.

Can we hire equipment?

    • No, Freshwater Bay is not a suitable venue for hiring equipment, so we don’t hire kayaks or paddleboards – we only run guided tours.

My activity was cancelled due to bad weather

    • We have only done this for safety reasons, and whilst we understand you may have been disappointed, especially if it has not been possible to reschedule, this cancellation has been out of our control – anyone responding by being rude or demanding action of ANY kind will be treated in an appropriate way.
    • We process refunds within 12 to 48 hours of the activity being cancelled, however some banks hold onto this for between 3 and 7 days (and we have known it to be 10 days) so please assume refunds have been processed at our end and wait for 7 days for your bank to return it to you before messaging us asking where it is, as whilst mistakes are very occasionally made at our end, usually it is your bank or card provider causing any delay.
    • Our booking system sometimes sends out automatic ‘thanks for visiting’ responses even when your activity has been cancelled, which may appear to ‘rub it in’; we are very sorry about this and are continuing to try to find a solution to it.

I’m having trouble speaking to someone

    • It’s because there is nobody to speak to, as we do not have a staffed office outside of school holidays.
    • We are still here but COVID has had an impact on us; like so many other smaller tourism providers we have had to re-evalute how we operate. We want to take you out but we can currently only provide our awesome adventures during school holidays and some weekends. We make no apologies for this, but our more efficient way of working means that we can’t provide for everyone – think of it as ‘a more exclusive experience’!
    • We do our best to answer emails and messages within 24 hours but sometimes, due to teaching commitments, it may be 72 hours.
    • Our online booking is ‘live’ and real time and so you can book online with confidence that if it is shown then it is available.
question not answered above, then please write to us


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